In realms of affliction, where ailments reside, The PDMDRC's wisdom becomes our guide. With mastery honed, they navigate the unknown, To bestow patients with care, like seeds gently sown.

When drug's valiant efforts falter and fade, In Parkinson's grip or tremors unswayed, Intractable dystonia, an unwelcome host, Surgical pathways beckon, a realm untamed, yet close.

Deep in the brain's chambers, electrodes arise, Linked to pacemaker's rhythm, where hope lies. Beneath the skin's veil, the device finds its home, Sending electrical whispers, where chaos once roamed.

Through delicate currents, misguided signals align, Guided by science, restoring harmony's sign. Early intervention, the key to reclaim, A symphony of life, where health shall reign

Team of PDMDRC
Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Research Centre

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